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Oilfield Web Design has had a successful start. Or you could say, we hit the floor running. As a team we had the experience of leading the growth of Texas International Oilfield Tools LTD with new forms of advertising and marketing. Over the eight years together I learned from them and they from us.

In 2015, there was a slowdown in the US and Worldwide Petroleum Industry. During this time many new companies were opened to fill a need missing in the industry or industry professionals changing their direction.

Oilfield Web Design has been able to help direct our clients during this time and to the future with responsive (mobile friendly) websites, social media campaigns, target behavior marketing and more. With over fourteen years in the web / marketing industry our success is helping you navigate through unchartered waters to measurable success.

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Design Skills 101%
Client Retention 92%
Marketing Services 85%
Fresh Ideas 89%
Hand Holding Process 105%

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Caryn Maus

Caryn Maus has an extensive background in Customer Service working in the Hospitality Industry, Retail Management, and 100% commissioned RV Sales in 2001. Early 2002, after the 911 disaster, the opportunity to move into a new career presented itself. We have been comfortable the last 14 years in Online Marketing and Web Design.

Caryn opened Gruene Acres Web Design LLC in March of 2003 as a web design primarily. Soon there was the need for helping our clients with business card and brochure design. From here we have moved into a full scale online marketing agency with customer service and hand-holding our clients through the process with ease.

It was an accident when Caryn ended up here however there have never been regrets. The opportunities she has had in the oilfield industry have been a true learning experience.

Caryn and her team from Gruene Acres Web Design was hired by Texas International Oilfield Tools LTD in 2008 to create a catalog for the PECOM Oil Show in November. As the story goes the rest is history. She was blessed to stay on thru 2016 as the complete advertising department. Our team has had the opportunity be exposed to the Petroleum/Oilfield Industry from inside out.

Oilfield Web Design was developed out of the need in the industry for a hands on, experienced marketer and web designer.

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Our clients now extend from Canada and the US with the concentration in the Houston, TX and Lafayette - Broussard, LA. area. Learn more about our clients.