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Need a Checklist?

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We totally understand how hard it is to talk about yourself. We are here to help!

We know your time is valuable. Answer what you can as it will save time during the “content” gathering phase. For all practical terms, “content” should be a 4-letter word. The value your website which will be viewed by your potential client and found by the search engines to index your page to the top 10 (first page) in your choice of search engine – has EVERYTHING to do with the content.

Once you have complete the Basic Checklist (depending on the services chosen) please email to with your company name on the subject line..  We certainly appreciate your time. In the 14 years, we have been creating websites this is my 316th try at making this part of the process easier. I know it looks daunting but your website will be exciting to your viewer, keep them coming back and stimulate the search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Isn’t this the reason we are doing all of this is to increase revenues.

The checklist are saved as .rtf files - anyone should be able to open no matter what text editor you use. Click on link to download (or right click on link and choose 'save as'), save to your computer and make changes on the page easily. Once complete save changes and email to We chose this format so you could read through the document, take time to think it through or even take breaks and come back. Remember save your work between times. (I have been there)

Basic Checklists:


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