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Our Expectations

Go with A Proven leader

You might wonder why the title is “our expectations”.

Our only goal is to deliver what you have purchased, a new or updated website, printed material or any service, in a timely manner. Our expectations are to deliver on time. We ask that you provide the materials needed in a timely manner so we can meet all of our expectations.

Oilfield Web Design has been working for years to create a successful roadmap, often by trial and error. I think we have finally arrived. The roadmap takes us from the client’s idea to a mobile friendly responsive website, fully integrated with organic search engine optimization (SEO) and pulled together with collateral print / web marketing and online target behavior campaigns.

Below we have mapped the trip to ensure our expectations are met. We look foward to the opportunity to earn your business.
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The Roadmap Journey

Steps to a Successful Website targeting your end user. INITIAL CONSULATION

The initial consultation is the most important step to finding out your expectations. We start with gathering information about your project starting with "why". Once we understand your “why” then we begin to learn about your goals including who your target audience (your customer) is and what type of documents or technical data will you be including. Additionally, what resources will be provided, as well as timeline and budget?

Oilfield Web Design has found that together we will start a relationship built on trust and soon know if we are a good fit together.

Here we set the stage for the entire project here. PLANNING

While we are professionals in our field of expertise, we are not an expert in your field. Often this is the step that is overlooked and causes unreasonable time constraints and lack of communication. Planning is the most important step as it is in any research or engineered project. It might take a bit of time however the results can be astonishing.

The Reveal DESIGN

The design phase is when the project starts to take shape. Our designers have a vision to the creative process and how your content will fit the best while gaining your future clients' trust in your brand.

What you can expect from us: the artwork emphasizing the color scheme, visual elements with the addition of where videos might work, PDF documents, etc. These will be placed and working flawlessly to be compatible in cross-device environment. (You will be mobile friendly.)

The Nitty Gritty, we roll up our sleeves and make it perfect PRODUCTION

Now we understand your goals. We have a plan with a beautiful design - What's next? Here is the stage where we roll up our sleeves and create the website that will last for years to come. It will be ADA compliant to web standards in accordance with the W3C Consortium. Our developers will create a solid and secure framework with total functionality for all types of devices from the computer on your desk to the phone in your hand.

Oilfield Web Design creates masterpiece design which tells your story, secure from intrusions, and features your content with our markup. We do not promote Wordpress. Using our system we can control the end result.

More information - ask us.

My Favorite Part ... THE LAUNCH

Yes this my favorite part of the design process, and not only for websites but for all of our services. The client can now see what they purchased and know if the result was worth all of the questions.

Sometimes this is the most challenging part of any project as the testing phase can take up to a week or more depending on the complexity of the project. Once we have tested and retested the project moves to our group of testers who have not been involved in the project. We find this to be "key" as they do not know the plan. Once we have received their feedback we fix and then we move to our clients as the testers.

Oilfield Web Design waits with anticipation as if it was Christmas morning to hear your response. Once we have received your feedback we then fix errors, add the Content Management System (CMS) for self-edits, train your staff and plan the timeframe to go LIVE!

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Meeting the intitial goals. Here we shine! MAINTENANCE

In one regard, maintenance is as simple as support / troubleshooting, design and functionality updates and content additions. To complete your web presence after all the planning, gathering of information and finally the "live" product, its a shame when the client doesn't want to enhance the experience with increased web visibility, marketing to specifically target your client and cost effect ways to have all of this.

We have been building websites for over 14 years for clients in all types of industries and once we have gone "live" the client seems to feel, it's over. Now I have built it and they will come. I have to tell you, that is a movie.

“Success is being able to juggle those Glass Balls called Priorities and keeping them shiny & intact while running the Marathon of Life.” 
- via Jouyin Teoh

Oilfield Web Design wants to see you into the next phase. We have been a proven leader in this phase. It's not an overnight dream but with time and keeping up the pressure on the gas pedal - your company will rise to the top of your industry.

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Way back we started off as Gruene Acres Web Design LLC focusing on the RV (Recreational Vehicle) industry. As time moved on we had the opportunity to move into the oilfield industry, create Oilfield Web Design and learn from the inside out. Find out more about us.

Ask our clients about their experience working with Oilfield Web Design and Caryn Maus. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.

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